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Welcome! Thank you for visiting our Sales page. We are Knights Templar, an FC that has been around since A Realm Reborn and always looking to help players.
We offer one of the cheapest escort services on the server whilst retaining a fast and high quality service.

We also sell 2.0 escorts - please contact one of our officers for more info!

3.0 Sale Prices

  • Bismarck EX: 700k each / [no bundles yet!] - can be negotiated
  • Ravana EX: 1 million each / 7 million for ten runs! (Guarantees a weapon)

    Alexander: Gordias (full run) 700k (all loot is guaranteed yours!)

    Frequent returning customers get a discount for future purchases! Please send a /tell to one of the of the Sales Officers for more info.

    Special Offers

    During a national holiday, we tend to give special offers. These holidays include:
  • Easter
  • Summer Sale (this will be a random week or weeks during the summer, look out for more info)
  • Hallowe'en
  • Christmas
  • New Year

    More details are announced closer to these days. Please look out on this page or Phoenix's Party Finder for more info around this time.

    Sales Officers - who to contact

  • Fox Sawyer
  • Yun Quinn
  • Kitano Gen
  • Hope Adams

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